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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just Don't Call It A "Vahz"

I am in love with all the beautiful vases and pots I’m seeing this summer. Brightly colored and covered in interesting textures and glazes, they are as beautiful as the flowers we put in them. They are like little pieces of art in their own right. My most recent acquisitions are from Pier 1 and Nell Hills, respectively. 

This little 3-part pot also comes in orange and green, and I really struggled over which one I loved the most. In fact, I’m toying with the idea of getting one of each color to use as indoor herb pots. I can’t tell yet if it’s a brilliant idea or if I’m just trying to justify buying them all. I just love the funky reactive glaze! Pier 1 also has matching 3-part bud vases...on clearance...that I am sorely tempted to get as well...along with these very cool taper holders (that I would probably pop the metal part out of and use as vases). 

Bud Vases

I clearly have a Pier 1 problem that may soon require professional intervention.
For the time being, my plan for the little yellow planter is to grow some cat grass for mon petit kitties. 3 cats, 3 segments...I thought it was a cute idea. Maybe then they will leave the rest of my indoor plants the heck alone (wishful thinking I fear). 

The three gatitos, clearly plotting their next plant massacre.

As for this turquoise porcelain vase, I bought her on a whim while on a shopping expedition at Nell Hills. 

I couldn’t resist the gorgeous shape and bright color. Instead of filling it with flowers, I cut some herbs from the garden (oregano and cilantro). This way they are right on hand when I want to use them for cooking, and I won’t be so angry when the cats demolish them (after all, they ARE meant to be eaten). At least that’s my theory.


  1. I've totally been boring. I've been buying clay pots for all my plants. Call me traditional, but I just love how they look once they age a little.

  2. Absolutely...a classic clay pot is one of the most lovely things there is for plants. So classic!