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Sunday, May 22, 2011

If These Walls Could Talk

Let’s talk a little more about wall decor. It can be the single easiest way to express yourself as a young nester. Furniture may be hand-me-down from family or friends or chosen for the price rather than the style, and wall colors may be unalterable per the terms of one’s lease. However,  the things we put on our walls are wholly up to us and say a lot about who we are.
Growing up, I went through all the usual phases. Photos of horses and Ice Capades posters gave way to posters of my favorite soccer players (Tony Meola, be still my heart...I don’t care how old we get, I’m still smitten), which gave way to band playbills and movie posters. I’m in an “art” stage now. I’ve ditched posters in favor of framed art and enjoy mixing pieces from a variety of cultures. My most prominent pieces are several framed papyri from Egypt, my own photos from my travels, and a reproduction of Paul Gauguin’s 1893 Tahitian Landscape

However, I don’t think wall art should be restricted to traditional, framed items. Decorative paper fans, colorful masks, decorative tiles and greeting cards can also make fun, unexpected wall decor. 

Can't wait to make a frame for this little guy!
Vintage fans add color and dimension.
Indonesian wood carving. Love the bird and their headdresses!

I recently found a sassy little greeting card at the store that I’m going to hang by my closet as inspiration. I love the re-popularization of black and white photography and thank Ann Taintor for the sparking the "sassy lady" phenomenon. Using decorative paper and some mosaic tiles I created a makeshift frame for it. I think it pretty much captures my philosophy on life in general:

It reads: "Always dressing in understated good taste is the same as playing dead." Wish I could wear bows like that in my hair!
Also, cleaning out my mom’s garage I found some old finger paintings I made in pre-school that are really cool (it I don’t say so myself). I’m thinking about making a little “modern art” gallery with them. 
I think wall art should be fun. It should be about putting up little pieces of yourself...stepping outside the box to creating art from everyday items. Let's put ourselves on display and allow our walls to reflect who we are.

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