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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Take #1: Testing, Testing...

Okay. This is it...I’ve decided to come out of the closet. I am a modern, career driven woman who loves her muddy work boots, camping and a good beer. I also love to nest. In humans, this term is generally used to describe pregnant women who feel the urge to clean, organize and decorate every inch of their home in preparation for baby. I have no baby (other than my beloved cat, Pilar). For me, the desire to nest is a natural state of being. I love to clean and cook and decorate. I enjoy making centerpieces a la Martha Stewart. I spend a lot of time creating fun, functional art out of found objects, and I practically LIVE for the seasonal rotation of my wardrobe. There is nothing more satisfying than a well organized closet. 
After six years of living out on my own, last year I moved back home to live with my mother and brother while I job hunted. With all my stuff in storage and no place to really call my own except my bedroom, I had to channel my predilections somehow. So I started a new file folder in the filing cabinet (aka hot pink milk crate) I keep in my closet. I call it my nesting folder. In it I keep fabric swatches and paint chips, magazine clippings of furniture and decor, craft ideas, recipes and other things I’ve collected to satisfy my need to nest. 
I’ve started this blog in the hope of sharing my love for all things domestic. And so, my nesting folder is coming out of the pink milk crate! Whether you’re a cook, an interior design buff, a crafter, a gardener, or a fellow beer loving, work boot wearing kind of girl...I hope you can glean some inspiration (or at least a chuckle) from what I have to offer here. 
So it’s official...I am out of the closet. Welcome to The Pink Milk Crate!

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